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Specialty Seed Beads

Here you will find a collection of glass seed beads from around the world in a stunning array of colors, sizes, and finishes, ensuring you'll find the perfect beads to bring your designs to life. Gorgeous Indonesian seed beads have a slightly irregular shape and come in a variety of muted colors and earthy tones. In addition to classic seed beads, we carry bugles (tube-shaped seed beads), Czech tri-cut seeds, and African sand beads. Check out our Glass Seed Beads Collection for more traditional seed beads. Visit our Miyuki Cube Collection for small cube beads that pair well with seeds. Check back often for new additions! Enjoy!

Seed Bead Sizing

Seed bead sizes are not typically shown in millimeters like most other beads. Instead, they are labeled with a number that corresponds to their size. This number is often written like 11/0 and referred to as "size 11". The most important thing to remember (and the most confusing), is that with seed beads, the bigger the number the smaller the bead. For example, size 11, or 11/0, seed beads are one of the smallest sizes, and size 2, or 2/0, are one of the largest sizes. We hope the images below will help you visualize how the different seed bead sizes relate to each other. Check out our Seed Bead Sizing Chart for more information.

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