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12x16mm Flat Glass Teardrop Beads - Sapphire Matte - 20 Beads

  • $6.50

These large teardrops are smooth and pear shaped. Soft pastel frosted beads in sapphire blue. Lovely to the touch. Top side drilled.

Here's how I describe frosted glass (or matte) When you look at shiny glass the feeling is sharp as opposed to soft, as if something.... a ray of light is bouncing back into your eye. But when the bead is frosted it just soaks up all the light and holds it. THEY GLOW.

Light Sapphire Blue Matte
20 beads
5mm thick
~1mm hole

Made in the Czech Republic
Enjoy browsing through my hand picked selection of colorful beads.
Bead & Hole Size: We use the sizing provided by the manufactuers of our beads. Sometimes these sizes are rounded to a whole number, so slight variations from the size listed are to be expected.
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