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15mm Mykonos Metal Cornflake Beads - Antique Bronze

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Antiqued bronze disks. These have a worldly timeless quality, made from a lead free base metal, coated with copper and then bronze.

Choose 10 or 30
Hole size ~5mm

Made in Mykonos Greece
SKU - MKN048
FYI....As far as the Greek Mykonos beads, I know this gets confusing because they all look metallic but there are two types, Castings, which are all metal and metallized ceramics which have a clay base and a metal coating of silver, 24K gold, copper or bronze but are VERY strong. I've never seen them break. They are all high quality amazing beads.

Bead & Hole Size: We use the sizing provided by the manufacturers of our beads. Sometimes these sizes are rounded to a whole number, so slight variations from the size listed are to be expected.