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Green patinated Bali style spacer beads. I love the green patina. It has such a worldly timeless quality. These are made from a lead free base metal, coated with copper and a green patina finish. High quality. Will not wear off. These beads run from green to blue despite the term green patina. Ech batch of beads come in slightly different. If you have a preference please leave a message. I will do my best to have all of your patina beads match.

2mm hole size
Made in Greece

Choose your amount from the dropdown menu.
25 beads
50 beads
100 beads

The larger amounts may be out of stock but if you would like to purchase those amounts, please send me a message and I can place a special order.

This bead comes in all three finishes. Simply search in my shop search bar for grover and you will see them.

Bead creative. Have fun!!!!